WP0: Project Management

Deliverables nameDisseminationNature
Management ReportCONFIDENTIAL R
Use of financial resources – form CCONFIDENTIAL R
Publishable summary report, conclusions and socio-economic impactPUBLIC R

WP1: Requirements, Specifications, Scenarios

Deliverables nameDisseminationNature
Analysis and Assessment of potential scenarios PUBLIC R
Requirements and Specifications of smart sensor technologies PUBLIC R

WP2: FIR Imager

Deliverables nameDisseminationNature
Concept of low-cost FIR focal-plane-arrayCONFIDENTIAL R
Design Freeze FIR-Array Chip CONFIDENTIAL R
Fab-in of demonstrator wafer charge CONFIDENTIAL R
Hardware components for FIR-camera CONFIDENTIAL P,R
Packaging concept for FIR camera subsystem CONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC R
FIR-camera module with electronics and interface CONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC D,R
FIR-camera, component performance and reliability CONFIDENTIAL R

WP3: Multifunctional optical sensor

Deliverables nameDisseminationNature
MFOS concept design CONFIDENTIAL R
Preliminary design of micro-optics and optical package CONFIDENTIAL R
Optical design and fabrication - Dioptric lightguide CONFIDENTIAL P,R
Optical design and fabrication - Planar lightguide CONFIDENTIAL P,R
Prototype of multifunctional imager - Dioptric lightguideCONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC P,R
Prototype of multifunctional imager - Planar lightguideCONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC P,R

WP4: 3D range camera

Deliverables nameDisseminationNature
Concept design for 3D ranging Camera CONFIDENTIAL R
Preliminary Design report for 3D ranging camera detector CONFIDENTIAL R
Detailed Design report for 3D ranging camera detector. CONFIDENTIAL R
Hardware Components for 3D Ranging Camera CONFIDENTIAL P,R
Verified concept for packaging and integration CONFIDENTIAL P,R
3D ranging camera module with electronics and interface CONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC D,R
Component performance and reliability CONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC R

WP5: Harmonic Radar and Tags

Deliverables nameDisseminationNature
Preliminary design of passive radar reflector and wearable antennas, and simplified radar CONFIDENTIAL R
Modulation techniques study CONFIDENTIAL R
Design of the advanced prototype CONFIDENTIAL R
Radio communication technologies CONFIDENTIAL R
Design of antennas CONFIDENTIAL R
Advanced prototypes of radar system and tags CONFIDENTIAL P,R
Passive nonlinear radar reflector and active radar tag with the radio communication CONFIDENTIAL P,R
Scanning radar with harmonic or intermodulation receiver CONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC D,R
Performance and reliability tests of the radar components CONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC R

WP6: Data processing and functional system integration

Deliverables nameDisseminationNature
Specifications of silicon retina stereo sensor CONFIDENTIAL R
Sensor specifications and SW architecturePUBLIC R
Preliminary algorithm design of silicon retina stereo sensor CONFIDENTIAL R
Algorithm design of silicon retina stereo sensor CONFIDENTIAL D,R
Preliminary algorithms for pre-processing of raw data CONFIDENTIAL R
Silicon retina, hardware design and fabrication CONFIDENTIAL P,R
Demonstrator of silicon retina stereo sensor CONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC D,R
Functional system integration CONFIDENTIAL R
Silicon retina, testing of components and subsystems CONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC R
SW structure, diagrams and pre-processing algorithms CONFIDENTIAL R
Analysis of object and situation refinement PUBLIC R

WP7: Evaluation and validation on demonstrator vehicles

Deliverables nameDisseminationNature
Static technical evaluationCONFIDENTIAL R
Vehicle demonstrator and sensor installationsCONFIDENTIAL D,R
Automotive tests of the sensor modules CONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC R
Updated sensor specifications and cost/benefit analysis CONFIDENTIAL R
Test sensory technology study and development CONFIDENTIAL R

WP8: Dissemination and exploitation

Deliverables nameDisseminationNature
Project presentation (CRF) PUBLIC O
Project web site (CRF)PUBLIC O
Dissemination and Use Plan (12M, 24M, 36M, 47M)PUBLIC R
Technology Implementation Plan CONFIDENTIAL + PUBLIC R
Amendments to the Consortium AgreementCONFIDENTIAL R

Legend:R=Report, P=Prototype, D=Demonstrator, O=Other