ADOSE Final Review meeting and Demonstration
16-17 Nov. 2011, Orbassano, CRF

The Final Review Meeting of the ADOSE project took place on 16th-17th of November 2011 at CRF in Orbassano (CRF). The demonstration was held at the Centro Sicurezza test track with two vehicle demonstrators integrating: (a) MFOS and FIR cameras for Warning Night Vision and (b) SRS sensor for side pre-crash applications.

Watch the ADOSE Final Event Video.

ADOSE Concertation Workshop and Exhibition at IV 2011 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium
5-9 June 2011, Baden-Baden, Germany

IV 2011 is a focussed international event (conference and exhibition) on intelligent vehicles and the underlying technologies. ADOSE will be represented by a joint consortium exhibition booth demonstrating the low cost and efficient sensor technologies developed for the "virtual safety belt" of automotive vehicles.

How can new sensor technologies impact next generation safety systems?
ADOSE organizes an associated ADOSE WORKSHOP as a concertation workshop involving related European projects presenting and discussing different approaches and technologies to achieve best results by cost-effective and technically mature solutions for automotive safety. Two sessions (half day each, with intensive discussions) are planned: (1) Sensor technologies and (2) Safety systems.

Download the Agenda and the presentations

ADOSE at ITS Austria
11 Nov. 2010, Vienna, Federal Chamber of Commerce

AARIT Convention (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, Austrian branch)
16 Nov. 2010, Vienna, TechGate Tower

These two Austrian events had significant impact on the industrial and academic community involved in Intelligent Transport Systems. The first event at the Federal Chamber of Commerce addressed several hundred participants from industry, transport organizations, politics and research, the second event addressed the Austrian ICT research communities, all major institutions were present in the forum and the exhibition (about 50 participants).
ADOSE was presented at both Austrian events at the AIT booth by banner (poster roll-up) and information material was distributed, together with national ITS projects.

ADOSE at 17th ITS World Congress 2010
25-29 Oct. 2010, Busan, Korea

The ITS World Congress is the leading conference and exhibition on Intelligent Transportation Systems worldwide. It was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate expertise and high level achievement within the field of ITS in a global perspective, and it demonstrated the paradigm shifts of ITS by networked embedded systems and sensors technologies. The conference was accompanied by a large exhibition of new technologies and applications.

ADOSE was presented at the ST Microelectronics booth, a partner of ADOSE, demonstrating the Functional CMOS Camera as developed in ADOSE. The ADOSE poster was displayed and the brochure was distributed as information material. The event was successful, resulting in many interested contacts both from industry and research..

ADOSE at ELMAR, 52nd International Symposium ELMAR (IEEE)
15-17 Sept. 2010, Zadar, Croatia

ELMAR started 52 years ago as conference on "Electronics in Marine", but has changed its focus to more general topics in image and video processing, multimedia communications, and navigation.
On both conferences, work performed for ADOSE on stereo matching and temporal data processing for the Silicon Retina Stereo Sensor as applied for this ADOSE sensor was presented (and printed in the proceedings).

14-17 Sept. 2010, Vienna, Austria, Schoenbrunn Palace Conference Center

SAFECOMP is a leading international conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security, established 1979 by EWICS TC7 (Purdue Europe). The 29th Conference took place in Vienna at the Schoenbrunn Palace Conference Center, a very attractive place, with an attractive programme dealing with various aspects of critical embedded systems engineering, system analysis, testing, system modelling, design, development, verification and validation, standards, safety cases and certification, and application related aspects of safety, reliability and security in automotive, aerospace, railways, critical infrastructures (smart grids).
The first day was dedicated to workshops where ADOSE was presented in the ERCIM/DECOS Workshop in a paper which will be published as ERCIM Proceedings. Additionally, ADOSE roll-ups were shown in the exhibition area and flyers distributed (AIT Booth).
More than 100 experts from 17 countries, including US, Korea, Japan and Brazil, attended and contributed to the conference, workshops and exhibition.

ADOSE at EUROMICRO, 36th Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications
1-3 Sept. 2010, Lille, France

EUROMICRO is a renowned conference on microelectronics, with two streams: DSD (Digital Systems Design) and SEAA (Software Engineering and Advanced Applications).

ADOSE in China! 2010 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications
15- 17 July 2010, Qingdai, ShanDong, China

The conference is an important event sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society and technical-sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, with world-wide participation. Work performed for ADOSE was presented in the session on "Embedded Computer Vision" .

ADOSE at ITF (International Transport Forum)
26-28 May, 2010, Leipzig

The International Transport Forum (ITF) is a world-wide active strategic platform for the transport sector. The 800 participants include international experts, high-level political decision and policy makers from more than 50 countries as well as top ranked international representatives from industry, operators and organizations (OECD, UIC, Transport Authorities from several countries and regions, DHL, DB). A model of the experimental light solar aircraft of Piccard was shown as technology forerunner. The photo shows the ITF president talking with the ADOSE exhibitors.
The ADOSE Booth was a joint booth of all partners presenting on 6 roll-ups all 5 sensors and an overview poster. By means of a beamer videos from several partners about their sensor technology were shown, some chips displayed and flyers distributed. The Silicon Retina Stereo Sensor was demonstrated live as eye catcher.

13 April 2010, Stockholm

Over 500 leading researchers from around the world met in Stockholm for a weeklong conference on cyber-physical systems (CPS) - built-in intelligent computer/communications technology to enhance efficiency and safety while simplifying daily life. The EC Embedded Systems Unit organized a specific European Research Poster Session on Tuesday, 13th of April. ADOSE was one of the accepted posters to be presented to an interested audience.

ADOSE at ME 10, Microelectronics Conference
7-8 April 2010, Vienna

The Microelectronics Conference in Vienna took place this year at the University of Technology, in the historical festival hall. It is one of the renowned national conferences in this area, attracting academia, industry as well as young scientists getting the opportunity to present their diploma and PhD thesis research. ME is covering three major topics in three sequential streams:
  • Nanoelectronics
  • Industrial Electronics and Sensors
  • Embedded Systems
ADOSE was successfully presented in the poster session of the Embedded Systems stream.

ADOSE at DATE 2010
9-11 March 2010, Dresden

The Design, Automation, and Test in Europe (DATE) conference is the world's premier conference dedicated to electronic and embedded systems. Worldwide leadership was proven again with 1300 attendees from 39 countries, who covered the whole spectrum of researchers, engineers, executives and policy makers from industry, academia and public authorities. For the first time, China was represented by a substantial number of attendees (4th of the countries).
ADOSE was presented via a poster and flyers at the AIT Booth dedicated mainly to dissemination of EC Projects.

ADOSE Second Review meeting
4 March 2010, Leuven, IMEC

The second Review meeting of the ADOSE project took place on 4th of March 2010 at the site of partner IMEC in Leuven, Belgium. The design phases of the addressed ADOSE sensors (MFOS sensor, FIR imager, 3D camera, harmonic radar and tags, SRS sensor) has progressed successfully and the project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period. First sensor prototypes can be demonstrated.

ADOSE at 7th ICVS (Computer Vision)
13.-15. Oct. 2009, Liege, Belgium

The 7th International Conference on Computer Vision systemstook place in Liege, Belgium, from October 13 - 15, 2009. While most computer vision conferences focus on either algorithms or applications, ICVS addresses issues arising in the design and deployment of computer vision systems. Unusual hardware and designs, vision in action (robotics, automotive, protection and safety systems) are some of the focussed topics. ADOSE was represented by a paper and a poster on the Silicon Retina stereo Sensor.

ADOSE at 16th ITS World Congress
21-25 Sept. 2009, Stockholm

Over 8000 delegates from across the world came to participate in the 16th ITS World Congress in Stockholm, the leading congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems. For the first time in its history, all modes of transport were represented and visitors could experience and understand the benefits of 'ITS in daily life'. ADOSE was presented at the ST booth, a partner of ADOSE, through a dedicated exhibition panel demonstrating the Functional CMOS Camera as developed in ADOSE, under the heading of "High performance and low cost sensors for preventive and active safety systems". The ADOSE brochure was distributed as information material. The event was successful and resulted in many interested contacts both from industry and research.

ADOSE at DATE’09 Conference
21-23 April 2009, Nice (FR), Acropolis Conference Centre

ADOSE was presented via a poster, flyers and in a brochure at the ARC Booth in the "European Projects" Exhibition Area of DATE'09 dedicated to dissemination of EC Projects. DATE is one of the leading conferences in Europe on Design, Automation and Test of software-intensive systems, with this year's focus on SoC and embedded systems. By joining with ARTEMIS, attendance could be increased to over 5,000 researchers, engineers, executives and policy makers from industry, academia and public authorities.

ADOSE First Review meeting
25 Feb. 2009, Bruxelles (BE), European Commission

The first Review meeting of ADOSE project took place on 25th, Feb. 2009 at European Commission in Bruxelles. The concept design phases of the addressed ADOSE sensors (MFOS sensor, FIR imager, 3D camera, harmonic radar and tags, SRS sensor) have been completed successfully and the project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period.

ADOSE at AutoTest Booth of ARC
22-23 Oct. 2008, Stuttgart (DE)

At AutoTest in Stuttgart, close to the heart of German automotive industry and research, ADOSE was presented at the ARC Booth with a poster and information disseminated via flyer distribution.

ADOSE Poster at ME 08
15-16 Oct. 2008, Vienna (AT)

At ME'08 (bi-annual Micro-Electronics Conference) in Vienna, at the University of Applied Sciences, FH Technikum, ADOSE was present in the poster gallery and roused considerable interest.

First Deliverables (D1.1, D1.2) completed and delivered
7 Oct. 2008

After several internal review cycles, D1.1 (Analysis and Assessment of potential scenarios) and D1.2 (Sensor Requirements and Specifications) were released, together with D3.1, D5.1 and D6.1, which describe the detailed specifications and the preliminary design of MFOS (Multi-functional optical sensor), Harmonic Radar and Tags and the SRS (Silicon Retina Stereo Sensor).

ADOSE Project Plenary Meeting
3-4 Jul. 2008, Agrate Brianza (IT), ST Microelectronics

The first ADOSE Project Plenary Meeting was held on 3rd - 4th, July 2008 at STMicroelectronics in Agrate Brianza. The meeting mainly focussed on the definition of scenarios, requirements and specifications, and on the preliminary concept design of the ADOSE sensors.

Korea-EU Cooperation Forum on ICT
16-17 June 2008, Seoul, South Korea

This 2-day Cooperation Event was co-organised by the European Commission (DG Information Society and Media) and Korean authorities. The Forum aimed at identifying, discussing, and developing joint strategic ICT research projects. In the embedded systems and control session, participants were expected to make a short presentation of their participation in EU-funded projects in this area, and their research interests. ADOSE was presented under the heading "road safety" and "advanced sensors".

"ICT for Transport" Concertation Meeting
13-14 Mar. 2008, Bruxelles (BE), European Commission

The main topic was the presentation of the new FP7 projects (first and second call) as well as some results of the FP6 projects. The work on the communication architecture for cooperative systems was also one point of the agenda. ADOSE was presented in the "Intelligent Vehicle Systems" session.

ADOSE WP1 Workshop
4 Mar. 2008, Vienna (AT), ARC

The first ADOSE Workshop was organised on 4th March, 2008 in Vienna at ARC. The focus was on WP1 "Scenarios, requirements and specifications": the potential and restrictions of ADOSE sensors were discussed and the work was organised in view of the planned public deliverable reports, D1.1 and D1.2.

ADOSE Kick-off meeting,
30-31 Jan. 2008, Orbassano (IT), CRF

The ADOSE project started officially with a Kick-off meeting on 30th - 31st, Jan. 2008 at CRF in Orbassano. It addresses the enhancement of preventive and active safety functions through the development of high performance and low cost sensing technologies suitable for reliable detection and classification of obstacles and vulnerable road users.