The European Commission has been actively supporting a number of safety related projects, as part of its initiative to pursue the goal of considerably reducing road accidents by about 50% until 2010.

PReVENT-ProFusion and other on-going Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) projects have clearly identified some basic functional, performance and cost limits of current sensors and ADAS systems. These limits can be seen as breakthrough opportunities at hardware and software levels, helping in the fulfilment of applications objectives and in the effective deployment of advanced driver assistance systems. Some hardware aspects concern sensing technologies (for which a recent boost has been observed regarding vision devices), communication interfaces (data buses) and housing. Software aspects concern sensor data pre-processing and application interfaces (access to raw and pre-processed data for instance). PReVENT addresses mainly the software aspects.

Three main functional requirements, relevant to ADAS systems, will be addressed in ADOSE:

Performance, robustness and reliability of ADAS can be improved through sensor enhancements at hardware and/or software levels, sensor data fusion and communication systems, and by introducing new sensor technologies.

Among the technological needs addressed to sensor enhancement there are: