Photonics 21 - 3rd annual meeting
8-9 Dec. 2008, Brussels (BE)

The Technology Platform Photonics21 is an association of industrial enterprises and other stakeholders in the field of photonics in Europe, with more than 900 stakeholders from 32 countries. This is the majority of the leading Photonics industries and relevant R&D stakeholders along the whole economic value chain in Europe. More than 300 members attended the Annual Meeting 2008 in Brussels, with many fruitful contributions and discussions, paving the way towards European leadership in this most promising enabling technological field.

ICT 2008 - I's to the future
15-20 Nov. 2008, New York (US)

ICT 2008 is the most important and largest European Research Conference and Exhibition, a meeting place for some four thousand researchers, innovators, engineers, policy and business decision-makers in the field of digital technologies, from Europe and from overseas (because of the large number of international co-operations). It took place in Lyon on behalf of the French EC Presidency. ADOSE leaflets and flyers were placed at the EPoSS booth in the exhibition.

ITS World Congress - "ITS connections. Saving time. Saving lives"
25-27 Nov. 2008, Lyon (FR)

The 15th World Congress on ITS was the largest event in the world for ITS leaders, policy makers and other industry professionals, including more than 200 extraordinary sessions and a grand-scale exhibition. The continuing goal of the World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems is to promote awareness and deployment of ITS technologies. ITS enables transport choices that save lives, time and money, and enhances our ability to provide new levels of safety, reliability, convenience, accessibility, and choice.

3rd IC-SCCE International Conferences from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering
9-12 Jul. 2008, Athens (GR)

The IC-SCCE is a biannual International Conference organized by the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Energy (LFME) of the University of Patras. Contributions related to any aspects from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering are presented. More information can be found at ADOSE leaflets and flyers were placed at the Conference reception.

ITS Europe Conference
4-6 Jun. 2008, Geneva (CH)

The 2008 event theme was ITS for Sustainable Mobility. The Congress presented the strategic vision, technical implementations of ITS applications, research and operational use of systems and services. An exhibition provided insight into latest ITS innovations including advanced vehicle control systems, travel information and traffic management systems, digital mapping, public transport applications, smart card and communication technology.

IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium
4-6 Jun. 2008, Eindhoven (NL)

The Intelligent Vehicles Conference gathered researchers from industry, universities and public authorities to discuss research and applications for intelligent vehicles, including the communication between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure. It was a successful congress with more than 400 visitors, 200 presentations, 3 impressive keynote presentations and 35 demonstrations. All sessions and the demonstrations were given on the Campus of Eindhoven University of Technology.